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Nina Luhmann

Academic Staff Member Bioinformatics
Institute of Computer Science,
Mainz University

E-mail: nluhmann [at]

I am an academic staff member academic staff member for bioinformatics at the Institute of Computer Science at Mainz University.

Previously I have been a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Warwick in the group of Mark Achtman.

In 2016, I obtained my PhD in Bioinformatics working in the Genome Informatics group at the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University. I was a student in the German-Canadian DFG International Research Training Group DiDy ("Computational Methods for the Analysis of the Diversity and Dynamics of Genomes"). My thesis project was jointly supervised by Jens Stoye (Bielefeld University, Germany), Roland Wittler (Bielefeld University, Germany) and Cedric Chauve (Simon Fraser University, Canada).

My main research interest lies in comparative genomics. During my PhD, I worked on methods integrating ancient DNA sequencing data into comparative assembly approaches.


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See Github repository.


Bielefeld University:
  • "Sequenzanalyse - Meilensteine und aktuelle Themeninhalte" (student seminar in sequence analysis) [2015/2016]
  • "Algorithmische Implementierung" (programming of bioinformatics algorithms) [2015/2016]
  • "Vorlesung Sequenzanalyse" (sequence analysis lecture) [2014/2015]
  • "Sequenzanalyse-Praktikum" (sequence analysis practical course) [2014]
  • Teaching assistance in Algorithms and Datastructures, Sequence analysis I+II, Basics in computer science, "Vorkurs Informatik" [2010-2013]